Priscilla Elmore’s Story

Priscilla Elmore’s Story

“McRae is extremely small,” Priscilla Elmore says about her hometown. “Most things center around church, and for church events you’re on your feet a lot.”

So when Elmore began having trouble with a painful toe, it became more and more challenging to be involved in her community.

“It kept getting worse to the point where I could hardly walk,” she recalls.

An X-ray performed at Vidalia Orthopedic Center revealed the culprits: severe arthritis and bone spurs were present in the toe. In keeping with Vidalia Orthopedic Center’s conservative approach, orthopedic surgeon BJ Catron first treated Elmore with a steroid cream.

“It helped a bit, but not much,” she says. Eventually, her toe’s condition deteriorated. “It got to the point that it would throb even when I went to bed at night.”

Fortunately, orthopedic surgeon Jim Fordyce joined the Vidalia Orthopedic team at the same time that surgery was recommended for Elmore. Dr. Fordyce is qualified and experienced in performing the specific kind of surgery Elmore required.

Called toe fusion, the surgery stabilizes the toe and relieves pain by immobilizing the toe joint with surgical screws.

Elmore held Dr. Fordyce in high regard from the very first time she met him.

“His rapport is fantastic,” she says. “He takes the time to explain everything and to answer my questions. And his explanations didn’t go over my head.”

Likewise, Elmore found the Vidalia Orthopedic staff to be “extremely nice.”

“Every time I went to see them it was a pleasant experience,” she says.

Receiving help nearby was an added bonus. “Many people go to the big city for medical procedures,” she says. “I’m glad I could go just down the road to Vidalia.”

The results of the surgery, too, have been a welcome relief. “I don’t hurt anywhere,” Elmore reports. She’s been able to resume her church and community activities. “Before it would hurt; but I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

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