Newbern Barwick’s Story

Newbern Barwick’s Story

Like most farmers, Newbern Barwick has worked hard throughout his life. When debilitating trouble with his leg hindered his work, Barwick soldiered on for the better part of a year.

But during a visit to his doctor for regular monitoring of his blood pressure, Barwick mentioned his leg trouble to her. The problem turned out to be from his hip, not his leg.

Barwick’s doctor referred him to Vidalia Orthopedic Center for his orthopedic needs. After carrying out a complete workup of Barwick’s condition, orthopedic surgeon BJ Catron recommended total hip replacement.

Barwick still sounds enthralled as he describes his experience with Vidalia Orthopedic Center.

“It went fantastic!” he recounts. “I had no pain whatsoever after the procedure. When I left the hospital, the doctor gave me some pain pills. But I only took one of those pills.

He attributes his great results to the support of both Vidalia Orthopedic Center and his church family.

Barwick currently farms about 15 acres though following hip replacement, he did have to take his time for awhile.

“I walked with a walker for about three weeks. Then, a walking cane,” he says. Barwick resumed most of his activities about three months after the surgery. “I worked hard all my life, and that’s one thing that helped with the recovery.”

Today, Barwick enjoys the freedom that hip replacement has bestowed upon him. “I do anything I want to do,” he says. “And it don’t bother me a bit.”

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