Joe Davis’ Story

For most of the 31 years that Joe Davis worked in grocery meat departments, he had no trouble with his knees. But this changed a few years ago, and it hampered Davis on the job.

“I experienced a fullness in the back of my knees,” he recalls. “And it kept getting worse.”

The team at Vidalia Orthopedic Center diagnosed a torn meniscus in Davis’ left knee. When a cortisone shot did not provide the needed relief, Davis underwent a successful knee arthroscopy (also called a “knee scope”) in which small imaging and surgical devices are used to repair joint damage.

A successful procedure, yes — but Davis returned to work before the recommended recovery time. The end result was another torn meniscus, this time in Davis’ overworked right knee.

Orthopedic surgeon Jim Fordyce, D.O., had joined the Vidalia Orthopedic Center team by the time Davis’ right knee required repair. Knowing Davis’ history, Dr. Fordyce worked diligently to ensure a full recovery in an efficient amount of time.  First, he performed the second knee scope promptly.

“My right knee was diagnosed on Tuesday, and the surgery was performed that Friday,” Davis says.

Then Dr. Fordyce monitored Davis’ progress and guided him so that he did not overdo his rehabilitation or return to work too soon. As a result, Davis has regained full, pain-free use of his right knee.

“There’s no limp,” he happily reports. “Dr. Fordyce worked with me straight from day one. He kept me close until he was sure that I was ready to return to work.”

Davis is grateful for Dr. Fordyce’s caring oversight of his procedure and recovery. Moreover, Dr. Fordyce has served as an inspiration.

“He’s three months older than me and rides 10 miles a day. So I’m getting in better shape now because of Dr. Fordyce.”

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