Dawn Braddy’s Story

Dawn Braddy’s Story

While working on the job as a magistrate court clerk, Dawn Braddy felt her knee pop one Friday.

“It blew up over the weekend but my doctor didn’t see anything on the X-ray,” she says. Braddy was referred to the specialists at Vidalia Orthopedic Center who quickly identified the problem. An MRI showed two tears in the meniscus.

Cortisone shots did not relieve the issue so orthopedic surgeon Jim Fordyce recommended knee arthroscopy to repair the damage.

After the “knee scope” was performed, Braddy cautiously took three weeks to recuperate primarily because of a history of blood clots. However, Braddy was pain free within two weeks.

In fact, on her way to a follow-up visit – 25 days after the procedure – Braddy took the stairs to Vidalia Orthopedic Center. “And I hadn’t been able to walk stairs in six months,” she says.

In addition, she’s been able to return to some fun activities. “I can fish and inner tube – I haven’t done that in a while! (Before) I couldn’t get in and out of the boat, but now it’s no problem.”

Braddy is also very pleased with the freedom she now enjoys to play with her grandchildren. How does this procedure compare to other surgeries she’s had?

“This was the most pleasant experience I’ve had,” she says.

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