Cynthia Fountain’s Story

Cynthia Fountain’s Story

As with many occupations, driving a school bus requires full use of one’s hands and arms. It also involves repetitive motions, the kind that can lead to orthopedic problems. Cynthia Fountain knows this firsthand.

A veteran school bus driver, Fountain began experiencing occasional numbness and pain in her hands. These troubles progressed over a few years.

When they advanced from an occasional to a regular after-effect of her job, Fountain knew she would have to take action.

“But I kept putting it off,” she recalls, “because I was scared.” Fountain has a friend who underwent corrective surgery for a similar problem and her friend still has issues.

Finally Fountain garnered the courage to consult her family doctor, who referred her to Vidalia Orthopedic Center and orthopedic surgeon BJ Catron.

From the moment Fountain entered the Vidalia Orthopedic office, the team there was able to calm her fears. “All of them were great, starting with the receptionist,” she says. “She is so sweet!”

A procedure performed at the center uncovered how much nerve damage Fountain had suffered. She was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and scheduled for carpal tunnel release surgeries – one for each hand.

Fountain found each team member along the way to be “very informative and very helpful.”

“They went through every step, on my level,” she says. “I don’t like surprises at all! But they explained everything to me as I went. I knew what was about to happen, and what would happen next.”

Surgery was performed on her right hand first.

“Everything went so smoothly,” she declares. “Recovery was supposed to be six weeks, but I got along so well with it that they did the other hand in four weeks.”

When the next school year began, Fountain was ready to resume her job.

“I have not had any problems,” she reports. “By the time I got back to driving there were no issues.” Summarizing her experience with Vidalia Orthopedic, Fountain says, “You just can’t ask for better.”

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